Thursday, November 16, 2017

2017 Autumn Fashion Trends in Leather

2017 Autumn Fashion Trends in Leather

Now that the fall season is upon us, wardrobes are about to change significantly as the summer weather draws to a close. For the fashion trends of 2017 this fall season, the boundaries have been pushed even further as designers continue to think outside the box to releases new collections that challenge the notion of what is quintessential clothing for autumn. Typically, the cooler months are all about staple clothing, classics and layering, but every year, there are new looks thrown into the mix that keep the world of fashion exciting and moving forward. If you have become acclimated to certain designers and looks during the fall, you may want to invest in a few different pieces to add more versatility to your wardrobe. The following are a sampling of both classic fall looks as well as the classic that never go out of style.

The Soft Side of Leather

Leather doesn’t always have to go the tough and hard route. In fact, several designers this season have released pieces in their latest collections that rebuke the theory and have answered with sharp, fitted, apparel that is ladylike, regal, and makes the perfect complement for the fall fashion season.

Red Leather

It appears as if red is the unofficial official hue for fall 2017, being served up by top fashion houses in every shade imaginable. From monochromatic looks to mixing and matching with other vibrant colors, pulling off this look is sure to turn heads and race temperatures during the cold months.

Chocolate Brown Leather

Not to be outdone, brown gets deep with chocolate brown running a close second to red this season. Fade from black and into brown, also one of the season’s signature colors, as it gets a new perspective from several labels that have many calling it a comeback of sorts. From Moschino to Balmain, The Row to Emilio Pucci, there is a designer out there to dip into and celebrate the fall in style.

Leather Jackets

You cannot contemplate the fall season without a leather jacket in some form and for fall 2017, men and women can opt for the grunge leather jacket, leather bomber, or a shearling. The best part is that if you cannot decide on one, invest in a few and trade them out depending on your mood.

Leather Skirts

During the fall season, nothing is probably as sexy and striking as a woman’s leather skirt, which is poised for a huge splash this fall. From the pleated to smooth, tight fitted to mini-skirt, there are range of looks that any woman can adapt to her own particular tastes during the autumn months. This fall, maxi and mini skirts are making their presence known the most, in hues that run the gamut and include, green, terracotta, and of course fire engine red.

Friday, October 6, 2017

DIY Using Leather

DIY (do-it-yourself) fashion never goes out of style.

Leather is a fabric that is for everyone, no matter what your style aesthetic may be. Once you master the art of manipulating it for sewing purposes, there are almost limitless ways in which you can use a little leather to go a long way. It only takes a few leather straps to turn it into a signature style piece, and here are just some of the ways that you can incorporate leather into your wardrobe and your home for the perfect accessories.
credit: Pinterest

Sequin Heart Patches

One great way to upgrade an old sweater is by applying a bit of leather to make it truly stand out. A few sequined patches made of leather is just one way to give that old garment a bit more style.


Customize a tie clip using leather to make your very own that will give a business suit a touch of singularity.
Leather Hair Barrettes For Women | credit: Pinterest
Hair Clip
Adding a hair clip here and there is a great way to use leather. There are so many hues to play around with from earth tones to neon clips, which are increasingly popular.
Bow Belt
There are many ways to cinch a waist, so why not try it with leather? Choose between a thin, tiny strip to go around your midsection or a wide, thick piece of leather that makes for a perfect accessory piece.
credit: MJTrends
A leather headband is another nice touch where you can utilize the full rainbow of colors to achieve your own personalized look. Try some snakeskin leather to create a piece that is singular and unique.
Pendant Necklaes
If you have any scraps of leather lying around, put them together to create a geometric necklace in whatever style and shape that you want for a distinct sartorial statement.
From triangle to circular earrings and every shape in between, leather earrings can give an understated look a definitive upgrade.
credit: Pinterest
A tassel necklace looks great made from leather and here, you can infuse lots of color to create a necklace that is as long or as short as you want. Try a fringe necklace for even more depth.
A bracelet made of leather can come in an array of styles, from muted earth tones made of thin strips, or wide, chunky leather bracelets that come adorned with studs or logos. The sky is truly the limit.
credit: Scoutmob
Use some extra pieces of leather to make a simple pouch to store your essentials in while on the go. A leather pouch is perfect for when you don’t want to carry around a huge purse and makes for a great accessory.

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